Science & Society

  1. degraded coral reef

    How scientists wrestle with grief over climate change

    With climate change altering our world at an increasing pace, scientists who monitor and study nature are frustrated and grieving.

  2. Person holding sample of composted cow
    Science & Society

    Turning human bodies into compost works, a small trial suggests

    Experiments test the effectiveness and safety of human composting, which may soon be an alternative to burial or cremation in Washington state.

  3. robot resembling a child's head
    Artificial Intelligence

    Linking sense of touch to facial movement inches robots toward ‘feeling’ pain

    Artificial systems that allow a robot to “feel” pain might ultimately lead to empathy.

  4. person holding jail cell bars

    AI can predict which criminals may break laws again better than humans

    Computer algorithms are better than people at forecasting recidivism, at least in some situations, a new study finds.

  5. Nuclear waste storage beneath Yucca Mountain in Nevada
    Materials Science

    The containers the U.S. plans to use for nuclear waste storage may corrode

    The different components of a nuclear waste storage unit start to corrode each other when wet, new lab experiments show.

  6. smallpox vaccination
    Health & Medicine

    50 years ago, scientists debated the necessity of a smallpox vaccine

    In 1970, scientists debated the necessity of routine smallpox vaccinations as the disease declined. Fifty years later, the debate continues.

  7. Notre Dame

    After the Notre Dame fire, scientists get a glimpse of the cathedral’s origins

    Researchers will tackle the scientific questions behind rebuilding Notre Dame, and learn more about its history.

  8. Notre Dame de Paris

    How to restore the legendary acoustics of Notre Dame

    Using heritage acoustics, researchers hope to help restore the sound of Paris's Notre Dame cathedral.

  9. Vera Rubin

    Dark matter pioneer Vera Rubin gets a new observatory named after her

    A new effort to study the cosmos is named after Vera Rubin, an astronomer who searched out dark matter and battled sexism.

  10. child eating
    Health & Medicine

    Global progress in combating child malnutrition masks problem spots

    Low-resource countries are tackling serious childhood malnutrition, national-level statistics show, but a closer look highlights disparities.

  11. bro riding a scooter
    Health & Medicine

    Electric scooter injuries rose 222 percent in 4 years in the U.S.

    Hospital admissions from accidents related to e-scooters grew from 2014 to 2018.

  12. Jane Goodall
    Science & Society

    A new exhibit invites you to step into Jane Goodall’s life

    “Becoming Jane” celebrates Jane Goodall’s life and pioneering chimpanzee research.