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  1. photo of a person looking at the "Edmond de Belamy" portrait

    Artificial intelligence challenges what it means to be creative

    Computer programs can mimic famous artworks, but struggle with originality and lack self-awareness.

  2. a natural embryo and a synthetic embryo against a black background
    Health & Medicine

    These 5 biomedical advances gave 2022 a sci-fi feel

    Big steps in biology and medicine include pig to human organ transplants, synthetic embryos and a fully complete human genome.

  3. So much of science is looking and seeing

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses the marvels of looking and seeing in science, from peeks into outer space to 3-D visualizations of protein structures.

  4. Frontier supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    The world’s fastest supercomputer just broke the exascale barrier

    The Frontier supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee clocked in at more than 1.1 quintillion calculations per second.

  5. black and white image of Louis Armstrong holding a trumpet surround by other jazz musicians

    Here’s where jazz gets its swing

    Swing, the feeling of a rhythm in jazz music that compels feet to tap, may arise from near-imperceptible delays in musicians’ timing, a study shows.

  6. A photo of a giant, 3,200-year-old statue of King Ramses II inside the Grand Egyptian Museum with constructions workers milling about.
    Science & Society

    Here are 7 new science museums and exhibitions to visit in 2023

    The Grand Egyptian Museum is slated to open, as well as new exhibitions dedicated to space travel, the Galápagos Islands and more.

  7. blueprint style illustration of a brain with lines and shapes to indicate networks

    An AI can decode speech from brain activity with surprising accuracy

    Developed by Facebook’s parent company, Meta, the AI could eventually be used to help people who can’t communicate through speech, typing or gestures.

  8. yellow underwing moth on a red clover flower at night

    Moths pollinate clover flowers at night, after bees have gone home

    Camera footage reveals that moths make roughly a third of the visits to red clover, highlighting the overlooked role of nighttime pollinators.

  9. computer chip

    The future of computing

    The digital revolution has brought chess-playing robots, self-driving cars, curated news feeds and new ethical challenges.

  10. Computing has changed everything. What next?

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses the last century's extraordinary advances in computing, and what they might mean for the future

  11. image of a computer chip with red hues

    Now that computers connect us all, for better and worse, what’s next?

    The digital revolution has brought chess-playing robots, self-driving cars, curated newsfeeds — and new ethical challenges.

  12. photo of a man in a crowd wearing a mask on the back of his head
    Artificial Intelligence

    How AI can identify people even in anonymized datasets

    A neural network identified a majority of anonymous mobile phone service subscribers using details about their weekly social interactions.