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  1. photo of a mountain goat standing on a rock

    Culturally prized mountain goats may be vanishing from Indigenous land in Canada

    As fewer mountain goats are spotted along British Columbia’s central coast, First Nations people team up with biologists to assess the population.

  2. A photo of an ancient cave marking of aurochs (similar to modern cattle) with four dots on the animal's torso.

    Mysterious marks on Ice Age cave art may have been a form of record keeping

    Hunter-gatherers during the Ice Age may have recorded when prey mated and gave birth, suggesting that these people possessed complex cognitive skills

  3. An underwater photo of a juvenile dugong swimming in the Red Sea not too far from the surface.

    A new metric of extinction risk considers how cultures care for species

    Conservation efforts should consider relationships between cultural groups and the species important to them, researchers argue.

  4. photo of a brown leech on a leaf

    Leeches expose wildlife’s whereabouts and may aid conservation efforts

    DNA from the blood meals of more than 30,000 leeches shows how animals use the protected Ailaoshan Nature Reserve in China.

  5. photo of Wilfried Mutombo Kalonji looking at a slide under a microscope as another scientist stands in the background
    Health & Medicine

    Sleeping sickness is nearing elimination. An experimental drug could help

    Clinical trials of acoziborole are under way in sub-Saharan Africa, where sleeping sickness is endemic.

  6. Photo of Saba island

    A Caribbean island gets everyone involved in protecting beloved species

    Scientists on Saba are introducing island residents to conservation of Caribbean orchids, red-billed tropicbirds and urchins.

  7. a customer surveys the meat section in a grocery store

    How much does eating meat affect nations’ greenhouse gas emissions?

    How much meat eating affects worldwide greenhouse gas emissions comes clear in new country-by-country analyses.

  8. sheepskin parchment deed

    How using sheepskin for legal papers may have prevented fraud

    Removing fat is key to turning animal skin into parchment. With sheepskin, the process creates a writing surface easily marred by scratched-out words.

  9. carved relief of an ancient Egyptian queen smelling a lotus flower

    Ancient ‘smellscapes’ are wafting out of artifacts and old texts

    In studying and reviving long-ago scents, archaeologists aim to understand how people experienced, and interpreted, their worlds through smell.

  10. two researchers, one holding a torch in a dark cave

    How wielding lamps and torches shed new light on Stone Age cave art

    Experiments with stone lamps and juniper branch torches are helping scientists see 12,500-year-old cave art with fresh eyes.

  11. illustration of a nuclear clock

    Nuclear clocks could outdo atomic clocks as the most precise timepieces

    Better clocks could improve technologies that depend on them, such as GPS navigation, and help test fundamental ideas of physics.

  12. Michelle O’Malley

    Michelle O’Malley seeks greener chemistry through elusive fungi

    Michelle O’Malley studies anaerobic gut fungi, microbes that could help make chemicals and fuels from sustainable sources.