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  1. Space

    Life has prospects on moons of giant extrasolar planets

    Astronomers show how bodies orbiting distant Jupiters could be habitable.

  2. Space

    Stellar baby picture

    The newborn stars, not even a million years old, formed when regions of a cloud of cool dust and gas (visible at center left) collapsed from gravity.

  3. Physics

    New clock revolves around an atom’s mass

    A controversial new study claims that time can be measured by precisely determining a single particle's heft.

  4. Chemistry

    Hottest temperature ever measured is a negative one

    Ultracold gas sets record on the kelvin scale.

  5. Space

    LHC sees odd behavior in superhot particle soup

    Coordinated motion in debris from lead-proton collisions may yield clues about quark-gluon plasma.

  6. Space

    Glimpse at early universe finds expansion slowdown

    BOSS project looks at acceleration rate before dark energy hit the gas.