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  1. Setting a Stage for Cancer: Another reason for women not to drink while pregnant

    Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause a range of birth defects in newborns, and researchers have now shown that, in rats, it also increases the risk of breast tumors in adult offspring.

  2. Astronomy

    Young World: NASA telescope reveals clues to newborn planet

    Astronomers have found signs of what may be the youngest planet known, plus the first signs ever of organic compounds in a region of dust that could evolve into a planet-forming region.

  3. Paleontology

    Crawling through Time: Fish bones reveal past climate change

    The timing of ancient migrations of snakehead fish from the Indian subcontinent into Europe, Asia, and Africa tells scientists about temperature and humidity changes in those locations.

  4. Earth

    A Portrait of Pollution: Nation’s fresh water gets a checkup

    Virtually all of America's fresh water is tainted with low concentrations of chemical contaminants, according to a new nationwide study.