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  1. dugout canoe crafted using axes modeled off of Japanese artifacts

    Ancient humans may have deliberately voyaged to Japan’s Ryukyu Islands

    Satellite-tracked buoys suggest that long ago, a remote Japanese archipelago was reached by explorers on purpose, not accidentally.

  2. iguana motionless after Florida cold snap

    How frigid lizards falling from trees revealed the reptiles’ growing cold tolerance

    Some Florida lizards’ ability to handle temperatures down to 5.5° C may provide clues to how they might deal with the extremes of climate change.

  3. Tech

    CD players could serve as cheap lab tools

    Ordinary CD disc players can be adapted to perform chemical assays and possibly medical diagnoses.

  4. Earth

    Arctic sea ice falls to modern low

    The area of sea ice in the Arctic is at its lowest in nearly three decades of satellite monitoring.