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  1. Roma Record: Paths of the Gypsy population’s diasporas

    Tracking genetic mutations has given researchers a tentative picture of the migration patterns of the Roma, or Gypsies, over the last millennium.

  2. Marrow cells take up residence in wounds

    Bone marrow–derived cells linger in skin wounds much longer than previously thought, aiding in healing.

  3. Flies ‘R’ Us: Fruit fly cells mimic the mammalian pancreas

    A new study suggests that the common fruit fly has cells that function much as those in the human pancreas do.

  4. Staph bacteria are choosy about their iron source

    Staphylococcus bacteria prefer to get their iron from heme, the ring-shaped portion of oxygen-carrying proteins such as hemoglobin.

  5. Cancer Flip-Flop: Gene acts in both proliferation and control of growth

    Scientists have identified what might be a new class of cancer-controlling genes that alternates between halting and promoting cancer.