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  1. spiral stairs

    Spirals inspire walking aids for people with disabilities

    Long admired for their beauty, spirals have inspired a shoe that may help disabled people walk. The shapes make for a better crutch and an entertaining skateboard as well.

  2. Computing

    A tale of touching tubes

    Mathematicians solve the challenge of putting seven cylinders in contact without using their ends.

  3. Math

    Goldberg variations: New shapes for molecular cages

    Scientists have figured a way to iron out the wrinkles in a large class of molecular cages.

  4. Math

    Year in Review: Progress made toward twin prime proof

    A surprising advance sparks a flurry of work on the mathematical conjecture.

  5. Math

    Twin primes and prime bunches in mathematicians’ crosshairs

    For second time this year, a mathematician makes a major advance toward proving a long-standing conjecture.