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  1. Humans

    Rural life may boost allergy resistance

    Country kids had a greater diversity of bacteria associated with increased levels of the anti-inflammatory molecule IL-10.

  2. The Science Life

    Taking the world for a spin.

  3. Earth

    Study keeps pace with Greenland glaciers

    Herky-jerky motion of the island’s ice suggests that melting ice is unlikely to contribute to dramatic sea level rise this century, but the news isn’t all good.

  4. Earth

    Oceans’ salinity changed over last half-century

    Warmer atmosphere may be to blame for changes in the water cycle.

  5. Life

    Albatross forage with fractal-like flight

    New data offer support for a modified mathematical pattern in birds’ hunting behavior.

  6. Life

    Bacteria, insects join forces against pesticide

    Microbes in gut, rather than genetic changes, allow insects to develop chemical resistance.

  7. Aliens in Antarctica

    Visitors carry unwelcome species into a once pristine environment.

  8. Chemistry

    Scientist fiddles with spider silk

    Bundled and processed, the sturdy filaments yield a soft, rich sound on the violin.

  9. Life

    Molting cleanses water fleas

    Losing a carapace means also losing parasitic bacteria.

  10. Earth

    Indonesian quake passes without major tsunami

    A magnitude 8.6 tremor displaced far less water than the 2004 Indian Ocean disaster.

  11. Space

    Tall, devilish storm skids across Mars’ surface

    Probe captures 20-kilometer dust devil in action.

  12. Life

    Fossils show signs of earliest burrowing

    Worms’ seafloor tunneling more than a half-billion years ago could have stirred up evolutionary forces.