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  1. Chemistry

    Silicene: It could be the new graphene

    Single-layer sheets of silicon might have electronic applications.

  2. Physics

    Diamond could store quantum information

    A new technique would use flaws in crystal structure to hold data.

  3. Chemistry

    A bit of fiber makes for sudsier beer

    An understanding of bubbly beginnings points to a new way to foam up slow-pouring stout brews.

  4. Earth

    Japan quake location a surprise

    Based on regional tectonics, seismologists expected the biggest events in the island's southern half.

  5. Physics

    Tractor beams arrive two centuries early

    Trekkie devices that can pull instead of push have been developed by U.S. and Chinese physicists to move small objects.

  6. Space

    A bid to implode cosmic ray theory

    Streams of fast-moving particles aren’t fueled just by supernovas, a new study suggests.

  7. Chemistry

    Diamond cousin proposed

    Researchers predict a new form of carbon that could, if made, have industrial uses.

  8. Tech

    New batteries fix themselves

    Self-healing lithium-ion batteries may last longer than current versions and be less likely to burst into flames.

  9. Physics

    Antilaser sucks up light

    A new technology could be used in optical computing.

  10. Physics

    ‘Magnetricity’ behaves like electricity

    Currents of monopole-like magnetic charges created in an exotic material called spin ice act much like electricity.

  11. Physics

    ‘Atomtronics’ may be the new ‘electronics’

    A research team has created a quantum circuit that may help lead to the development of a new class of devices.

  12. Astronomy

    Supernova to superfluid

    Neutron stars, some of the densest objects in the universe, may be cooled by frictionless liquid sloshing in their cores.