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  1. Earth

    East Coast faces faster sea level rise

    From North Carolina to Massachusetts, waters are rising more rapidly than the global average.

  2. Life

    Grasshoppers’ terror outlives them

    After an existence plagued by predatory spiders, the insects pass into oblivion, leaving a legacy of impoverished soil.

  3. Life

    Calcium offers clues in mass extinction

    Ocean acidification during Permian period may have caused the Great Dying.

  4. Life

    Microbes flourish under Arctic sea ice

    Oceanographic expedition surprised to find photosynthetic microorganisms thriving under frozen surface.

  5. Life

    Ancient birds wiped out huge insects

    Competition in the air trumped the advantage of extra atmospheric oxygen.

  6. Humans

    Harappans may have lived, died by monsoon

    Waning of seasonal rains over millennia gave rise to a civilization and then doomed it, a new study suggests.

  7. Humans

    From cancer to quantum, teens’ scientific feats celebrated

    Winners of the 2012 Intel ISEF show the promise of science for improving the world.

  8. The neutrino messengers

    In 1844 Samuel Morse sent a telegram from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore using pulses of electrons to encode “What hath God wrought.” Now that message has gotten a reply, courtesy of physicist Kevin McFarland and a team of his colleagues. Kevin McFarland, a physicist who sent a message using neutrinos, left his mark on the […]

  9. Humans

    Don’t listen to advice, and other advice from Nobel laureates

    Top scientists share stories and words of wisdom with finalists at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

  10. Humans

    At ISEF, fusion is hot

    A South Carolina teen makes the finals of the 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair by developing a directed neutron source.

  11. Humans

    Global flavor spices up science fair

    The 2012 Intel International Science & Engineering Fair opened in Pittsburgh on May 13, with more than 1,500 high school students attending the weeklong competition.

  12. Earth

    Big Antarctic ice sheet appears doomed

    Warming climate is expected to trigger the sudden retreat of a partially floating glacier on the continent’s western side by 2100.