Jeremy Rehm

Science Writing Intern, Spring 2019

Jeremy was a science writing intern with Science News. Previously he worked for Nature Magazine and wrote stories as a freelancer for National GeographicScientific American and Science. He has a bachelor’s degree in biology and a Sc.M. in ecology and evolutionary biology from Brown University, where he studied how bats control their wing shape during flight. He enjoys writing about science and society, ecology, conservation, biomedicine, bioengineering and occasional forays into space and planetary science.

All Stories by Jeremy Rehm

  1. Sehuencas water frog

    This rediscovered Bolivian frog species survived deadly chytrid fungus

    Scientists recently rediscovered a frog species in Bolivia that hasn’t been seen in 10 years — and it could be used to better understand a frog-killing fungus.

  2. desalination plant in Saudi Arabia

    Desalination pours more toxic brine into the ocean than previously thought

    Desalination plants help offset the world’s growing water needs, but they also produce much more supersalty water than scientists realized.

  3. floating shearwater bird

    Floating seabirds provide a novel way to trace ocean currents

    Seabirds idly drifting with ocean currents provide a novel way to track and understand how these flows change with time and location.