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  1. Chemistry

    New technique makes water droplets sprint

    A newly developed process encourages water droplets at the hydrophobic center of a wafer to speed outward to a water-friendly edge.

  2. Chemistry

    For a better smile, have some wasabi

    Chemicals in the Japanese condiment wasabi could help prevent tooth decay.

  3. Chemistry

    Where the tire meets the conveyor belt

    A new, noninvasive technique could detect an impending failure in a rubber tire or conveyor belt.

  4. Materials Science

    Soybeans could beef up plywood glues

    Researchers have replaced animal protein with soybean protein in experimental plywood glue, potentially reducing cost and health worries.

  5. Agriculture

    Tasteful new wrapping can protect produce

    New, fruit- and vegetable-based edible packaging could reduce the amount of synthetic wrapping needed to protect food.