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  1. In ancient Southwest droughts, a warning of dry times to come

    Anything but lush, the U.S. Southwest has been especially parched lately. About a decade ago a cycle of droughts began; the latest one has dried much of the region to a degree that meteorologists expect only twice a century. But look back a millennium or more, and you’ll find signs that today’s conditions are not […]

  2. Humans

    Numbers suggest mating with humans might have led to Neandertals’ demise

  3. Strung together

    Is there a theory of everything?


    A year ago, most geneticists had all but dismissed the notion that humans and Neandertals interbred. But with the cataloging of the full Neandertal genome, announced in May, we now know that people of European and Asian descent really have inherited a small percentage of their DNA from a rival species that went extinct about […]