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  1. Earth about to be hit by asteroid

    An asteroid impact, not volcanism, may have made Earth unlivable for dinosaurs

    New simulations add to growing evidence that an asteroid strike, rather than the Deccan Traps eruptions, caused the end-Cretaceous extinction.

  2. Indonesia forest

    How giving cash to poor families may also save trees in Indonesia

    Indonesia’s poverty reduction program also reduced deforestation by 30 percent, researchers say.

  3. Kilauea volcano

    Did heavy rain trigger Kilauea’s eruption? It’s complicated

    A study suggests the Hawaiian volcano’s outpouring of lava was triggered by heavy rainfall in the months preceding. But some scientists are skeptical.

  4. flooded street

    Economic costs of rising seas will be steeper than we thought, unless we prepare

    A study estimates 4 percent in annual global GDP losses by 2100 due to sea level rise, unless people curb emissions and prepare for flood risks.

  5. Pyrocumulonimbus clouds

    The worst wildfires can send smoke high enough to affect the ozone layer

    Pyrocumulonimbus clouds can send soot and other damaging particles 23 kilometers into the air