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  1. Humans

    Students honored for research

    The 40 finalists in this year’s Intel Science Talent Search received a total of $630,000 in awards for their research. The top 10 received $20,000 or more.

  2. Tech

    Custom-designed legs help robots speed over sand

    Six-legged machine runs across grainy surfaces.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Disrupted brain chatter produces schizophrenia-like symptoms in mice

    By quieting part of the thalamus, researchers create rodents with cognitive deficits that mirror those in people with the condition.

  4. Life

    Shorter-winged swallows evolve around highways

    In survey along Nebraska roads, number of birds killed by cars has plummeted over 30 years.

  5. Humans

    Students bring home big prizes for science projects

    The 2013 Intel Science Talent Search awards teens for research.

  6. Humans

    Intel Science Talent Search finalists show off their work

    Young investigators do real research in bedrooms and garages.

  7. Neuroscience

    Heavy drinkers get extra brain fuel from alcohol

    Compared with the brains of light drinkers, the brains of heavy alcohol drinkers burn acetate better.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Immune cells chow down on living brain

    Microglia prune developing rat and monkey brains by eating neural stem cells.

  9. Life

    Sperm swim against the current

    Human and mouse sperm both follow upstream currents to the egg.

  10. Health & Medicine

    Mouse brain cells live long and prosper

    Mouse neurons live twice as long as usual when transplanted into rat brain, suggesting that brain deterioration may not necessarily accompany long life.

  11. Earth

    Nutrients matter in tropical forests

    Soil nutrients and rainfall predict tree species range in Panama’s tropical forests.

  12. Life

    Chill turns monarchs north

    Temperature manipulation appears to solve mystery of what triggers migratory butterflies’ homeward trip.