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  1. Venus sails across sun in rare display

    Transit events happen in pairs separated by more than a century.

  2. Tech

    Beginnings of Bionic

    Electronics that bend with the human body may soon make their way into medical devices to track health, deliver treatments and improve surgery.

  3. Life

    Scent Into Action

    Rodent responses to a whiff of predator may offer clues to instinct in the brain.

  4. Life

    Flash leads to flex in lab-grown muscle

    Light-activated artificial tissue inspires dream of squirming wormbots.

  5. Humans

    Young scientists make the cut

    With the naming of the 30 finalists, middle school students will vie for top prize in national Broadcom MASTERS competition.

  6. Life

    Oldest mites in amber discovered

    Two new species of arthropods found in 230-million-year-old fossilized resin show similarities to modern-day species.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Ovulation spurred by newfound semen ingredient

    A common growth-boosting protein may act as a pregnancy-protecting hormone in humans.

  8. Tech

    Chameleon-like robot can change hue

    Dye-filled microchannels help machine blend in, or stick out.

  9. Chemistry

    Method puts wrinkles in neat little rows

    MIT researchers have discovered how to create perfect patterns of microscopic wrinkles.

  10. Earth

    Global groundwater use outpaces supply

    Footprint measure reveals unsustainable use of the world’s aquifers.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Thinner isn’t always better in diabetes

    Normal-weight people who develop diabetes have higher mortality than people who are overweight or obese at the disease’s onset

  12. Anthropology

    Sticks, stones and bones reveal emergence of a hunter-gatherer culture

    A cave in southern Africa was occupied by people very much like those living in the region today.