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  1. Environment

    The world wasted nearly 1 billion metric tons of food in 2019

    A new United Nations global food waste report shows where waste can be reduced, which would decrease hunger and greenhouse gas emissions.

  2. Environment

    ‘Green’ burials are slowly gaining ground among environmentalists

    Researchers asked older environmental activists what they planned to do with their bodies after death. Many were unaware of “green” burial options.

  3. Archaeology

    Ancient people may have survived desert droughts by melting ice in lava tubes

    Bands of charcoal from fires lit long ago, found in an ice core from a New Mexico cave, correspond to five periods of drought over 800 years.

  4. Animals

    Power lines may mess with honeybees’ behavior and ability to learn

    Under power lines, honeybees might suffer neurological effects from exposure to electromagnetic fields.