Science past and present

  1. Quantum Physics

    ‘QBists’ tackle quantum problems by adding a subjective aspect to science

    Advocates of a program called “Quantum Bayesianism” take a subjective approach to resolving the paradoxes of quantum physics.

  2. Physics

    Google search fails to find any sign of time travelers

    A search of the Internet for signs of time travelers from the future fares no better than the party hosted by Stephen Hawking that nobody attended.

  3. Physics

    Tom’s top 10 time travel movies

    The lack of a credible scientific basis doesn’t stop movie makers from making films about time travel.

  4. Science & Society

    50 years later, it’s hard to say who named black holes

    In 1964, Science News Letter was the first publication to print the term black hole, but nobody is really sure who used the term first.

  5. Cosmology

    Cosmic inflation has its flaws, but so do its critics

    Philosophical predispositions color efforts to debunk a popular theory about the evolution of the universe.

  6. Math

    Rise of Big Data underscores need for theory

    Big Data can help scientists cope with complex systems, but only with an appreciation of its limits and recognition of the need for theoretical modeling.

  7. Math

    Why Big Data is bad for science

    Big Data is supposed to be a scientific bonanza, but it challenges the capabilities of computer science, statistical tests and perhaps calls for revamping the scientific method itself.

  8. Cosmology

    For proposals that challenge paradigms, peruse

    The online physics archive offers crazy ideas to confront cosmological challenges.

  9. Science & Society

    Top 10 revolutionary scientific theories

    Quantum theory, game theory and evolution all make the list of history’s paradigm-busting revolutionary scientific theories.

  10. Science & Society

    Replacing paradigms requires open minds

    Cosmological crises require creativity, but science enforces conformity.

  11. Math

    Scientists who claim ‘hot hand’ is a myth have never had one

    The “hot hand” in basketball is more than a lucky streak or defiance of statistical chance.

  12. Physics

    Top 10 scientific supers

    From supersonic to supernova, superego and supersymmetry, a roundup of science’s super superlatives.