Science past and present

  1. Science & Society

    The amateur who helped Einstein see the light

    With help from Science News Letter, eccentric amateur Rudi Mandl persuaded Einstein to explore the phenomenon of gravitational lensing.

  2. Math

    Evidence-based medicine lacks solid supporting evidence

    Saving science from its statistical flaws will require radical revision in its methods

  3. Math

    Top 10 ways to save science from its statistical self

    Saving science from its statistical flaws will require radical revision in its methods.

  4. Math

    Science is heroic, with a tragic (statistical) flaw

    Science falls short of its own standards because of the mindless use of ritualistic statistical tests.

  5. Science & Society

    Nash’s mind left a beautiful legacy

    The death of game theory pioneer John Nash ends a dramatic story of genius.

  6. Physics

    Nobel laureate foresees mind-expanding future of physics

    A Nobel laureate forecasts deeper understanding of physics and new powers for the human mind in the century to come.

  7. Science & Society

    Old periodic table could resolve today’s element placement dispute

    A little-known genius figured out where all the elements in the periodic table should be placed long before some of them were discovered.

  8. Science & Society

    Top 10 science anniversaries of 2015

    From genes and dreams to gravity and Kevlar, 2015 offers plenty to celebrate.

  9. Math

    P value ban: small step for a journal, giant leap for science

    Peer-reviewed journals have largely insisted on P values as a standard of worthiness. But now the editors of one journal have banned the statistical tool.

  10. Life

    Life’s origin might illustrate the power of game theory

    Game theory math can describe molecular competition and cooperation, perhaps providing clues to the origin of life.

  11. Science & Society

    Islamic science paved the way for a millennial celebration of light

    Ibn al-Haytham’s book on optics from a millennium ago serves as a good excuse to celebrate the International Year of Light.

  12. Astronomy

    Top 10 messages to send to E.T.

    Fears that sending signals to alien civilizations would provoke an invasion shouldn't prevent transmitting important messages.