Science past and present

  1. Particle Physics

    Higgs mass isn’t natural, but maybe it shouldn’t be

    Famous particle’s perplexing properties suggest physicists should change their expectations.

  2. Physics

    It’s too soon to declare supersymmetry a tragedy

    Supersymmetry is the odds-on favorite to solve many of the mysteries about the physical world that have stumped theorists for decades. Supposedly the LHC should produce actual evidence for SUSY, but it hasn’t. And so some physicists have begun to declare SUSY dead, or at least on life-support.

  3. Particle Physics

    Higgs owes his Nobel to an editor and a biologist

  4. Physics

    Top 10 physicists with no Nobel

    While a lot of people are busy predicting who will win Nobel Prizes this week, it would be easier to predict who won’t get the physics prize because they’re dead and therefore no longer eligible. Plus there are those who deserve it and are still alive but probably won’t get it because the Nobel guys don’t seem to like theorists very much.

  5. Physics

    Top 10 “Negative” Inventions

  6. Physics

    Weighing the implications of negative-mass antimatter

  7. Physics

    Fact and fiction about negative mass