A peek behind the science curtain

  1. Neuroscience

    Mining mouse movements to make more meds

    Animal models are a great way to look at psychoactive drugs and how they work. A new paper purports to simplify it all down to one test.

  2. Animals

    Don’t mount so fast! That bug could be a boy

    Many insect males show same-sex mating behavior. What’s the cause? What’s the benefit? Is it real? Or are the bugs just in too much of a rush to stop?

  3. Humans

    What makes a face go round

    Genetic enhancers acting far away from their intended genes can help shape a face during development.

  4. Scicurious arrives!

    Blogger Bethany Brookshire has joined Science News as its science education writer. With her expertise she brings her popular blog Scicurious to SN.

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