Collection: 2013 SN Top 25

  1. Physics

    Year in Review: Below absolute zero, but hot

    Lab trickery pushes atoms to a negative temperature.

  2. Astronomy

    Year in Review: Death of a planet hunter

    The Kepler space telescope finishes a brilliant career.

  3. Astronomy

    Year in Review: Voyager 1 reaches interstellar space

    The planetary probe is the first human-made object to break out of the heliosphere.

  4. baby getting a shot
    Health & Medicine

    Year in Review: Putting kids at risk

    U.S. parents increasingly are delaying their children’s vaccination.

  5. Climate

    Year in Review: Carbon dioxide levels pass milestone

    Although scientists are confident about humankind’s role in climate change, they still have a lot to learn about the magnitude and timing of future climate shifts.

  6. Genetics

    Year in Review: Caffeine triggers cloning advance

    To successfully clone human cells, eggs must be dunked in the stimulant.

  7. Humans

    Year in Review: Language learning starts before birth

    Babies seem familiar with vowels and words heard while in the womb.

  8. Science & Society

    Year in Review: High court rules against gene patents

    The justices’ decision opens the way for choices in DNA testing.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Year in Review: Sleep clears the cluttered brain

    Some forms of brain washing are good, like the thorough hosing the brain gets during sleep.

  10. Life

    Year in Review: A double dose of virus scares

    Outbreaks of two deadly viruses captured the world’s attention in 2013, but neither turned into the global pandemic expected to strike one of these years.

  11. Humans

    Year in Review: New discoveries reshape debate over human ancestry

    Human evolution appears poised for a scientific makeover as the relationships among early hominids are disputed.

  12. Cosmology

    Year in Review: Planck refines cosmic history

    The satellite data hint at a slower expansion rate for universe.