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  1. An illustration of five people standing around on a cream colored background. Above all of them are multi-colored speech bubbles with the word "Hello" in multiple languages.

    Your brain wires itself to match your native language

    MRI scans of nearly 100 native speakers of either German or Arabic revealed differences in how the language circuits of their brains are connected.

  2. A computer monitor shows various brain imagery, while two surgeons operating on a person are visible in the background.
    Health & Medicine

    The science behind deep brain stimulation for depression

    The third part of the series explores the promising brain areas to target for deep brain stimulation for depression.

  3. Readers discuss colors and spikes in the James Webb Space Telescope’s images and more

  4. a dog wearing a harness that says "POLICE - K9, U.A.E, Ajman-K9" breathing into a metal cone
    Health & Medicine

    Trained dogs sniff out COVID-19 as well as lab tests do

    Dogs can be trained to sniff out COVID-19 cases. They’re overall as reliable as PCR tests and even better at IDing asymptomatic cases, a study suggests.

  5. Jack, the pit-husky mixed breed, lounges on the porch and appears unimpressed

    Dog breed is a surprisingly poor predictor of individual behavior

    Despite the popular conviction that dog breeds are associated with specific traits, breed accounts for only 9 percent of behavioral differences.

  6. An up close image of two diamond anvils.

    Is this the superconductor of scientists’ dreams? A new claim faces scrutiny

    It’s big, if true: transmitting electricity with no resistance at room temperature and moderate pressure. But controversy dogs the team making the claim.

  7. an illustration of a galaxy with a quasar, shown as a a swirl of blue and pink with a beam bisecting the center against the starry backdrop of space

    In a first, JWST detected starlight from distant galaxies with quasars

    Until JWST’s sharp infrared eyes came along, it wasn’t possible to see the galaxies hosting extremely bright supermassive black holes called quasars.

  8. A close up photo of a tiny brown mouse poking the top half of its body out of a hole in a tree.

    How a new Lyme vaccine for mice may protect people

    A vaccine, distributed as pellets, can neutralize Lyme-causing bacteria in wildlife. Scientists hope it will reduce Lyme exposure for people and pets.

  9. Jon Nelson walks along a New York subway platform holding a bag.
    Health & Medicine

    There’s a stigma around brain implants and other depression treatments

    The fifth article in the series asks why people are so uncomfortable with changing the brain.

  10. tiny animals from the Chinese zodiac, made in hydrogels of different colors. Top row from left: purple monkey, yellow and purple pig, yellow and purple snake, bluish gray dog, green rabbit. Bottom row from left: green tiger, yellow goat, orange horse, purple rooster, teal rat.
    Materials Science

    Want a ‘Shrinky Dinks’ approach to nano-sized devices? Try hydrogels

    Patterning hydrogels with a laser and then shrinking them down with chemicals offers a way to make nanoscopic structures out of many materials.

  11. A photo of Lauren Schroeder.

    Lauren Schroeder looks beyond natural selection to rethink human evolution

    Paleoanthropologists studying the fossil record have long focused on natural selection, but other processes play a big role too.

  12. A fisher stands in waist-deep water with a fishing line as he looks at a dolphin breaking through the surface

    Here are 3 people-animal collaborations besides dolphins and Brazilians

    Dolphins working with people to catch fish recently made a big splash. But humans and other animals have cooperated throughout history.