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  1. Microbes

    Missing Antarctic microbes raise thorny questions about the search for aliens

    Scientists couldn’t find microbial life in soils from Antarctica, hinting at a limit for habitability on Earth and other worlds.

  2. Climate

    Wally Broecker divined how the climate could suddenly shift

    Wally Broecker’s insight into the shutdown of the great ocean conveyor belt spurred the study of abrupt climate change.

  3. Climate

    Collapse may not always be inevitable for marine ice cliffs

    Runaway collapse of ice cliffs could dramatically boost sea level. But these cliffs may not be so vulnerable, new simulations suggest.

  4. Animals

    The largest group of nesting fish ever found lives beneath Antarctic ice

    Researchers stumbled upon a fish breeding colony of unprecedented size, spanning a territory slightly larger than Baltimore.

  5. Climate

    How did we get here? The roots and impacts of the climate crisis

    Over the last century and a half, scientists have built a strong case for the roots and impacts of human-caused climate change.

  6. Climate

    A trek under Thwaites Glacier’s ice shelf reveals specific risks of warm water

    An underwater autonomous craft collected the first data on the chemistry of seawater eroding the icy underbelly of Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier.

  7. Climate

    A coral pollution study unexpectedly helped explain Hurricane Maria’s fury

    Tracking coral reef pollution in Puerto Rico, conservation researchers discovered by chance how the coastal ocean fueled Hurricane Maria.

  8. Our climate change crisis

    More than a century of science has shown that climate change is real and we are responsible.

  9. Earth

    Earth’s oceans are storing record-breaking amounts of heat

    2020 was just the latest in a series of record-breaking years for ocean heat.

  10. Earth

    50 years ago, scientists clocked the speed of Antarctic ice

    Today’s instruments offer a more precise view, and reveal the effects of climate change.

  11. Climate

    ‘Ice Rivers’ invites you to get to know our world’s melting glaciers

    In her new book, Jemma Wadham brings readers along on her scientific expeditions to the world’s iciest places.

  12. Climate

    Global warming may lead to practically irreversible Antarctic melting

    Simulations suggest that even if the Paris climate goals are met, melting Antarctica ice will still cause sea levels to rise by more than 2 meters.