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  1. Seymour Island landscape

    The first frog fossil from Antarctica has been found

    An ancient amphibian from Antarctica gives new insight into when the continent got so cold.

  2. emperor penguins

    Penguin poop spotted from space ups the tally of emperor penguin colonies

    High-res satellite images reveal eight new breeding sites for the world’s largest penguins on Antarctica, including the first reported ones offshore.

  3. Milky Way from the Antarctic Peninsula

    An Antarctic ice dome may offer the world’s clearest views of the night sky

    The highest point in East Antarctica could be an ideal place for an optical telescope, a new study finds.

  4. Elvis worms
    Science & Society

    From Elvis worms to the Milky Way’s edge, these science stories sparked joy in 2020

    During a gloomy year dominated by a pandemic, these scientific discoveries were reminders that we live in a world of wonder.

  5. photo collage the in shape of the number 100
    Science & Society

    We’re celebrating a century of Science News

    Across a century of science journalism, Science News has covered the Scopes trial, the moonwalk, Dolly the Sheep and more.

  6. Illustration of ancient rainforest near South Pole

    Roughly 90 million years ago, a rainforest grew near the South Pole

    A forest flourished within 1,000 kilometers of the South Pole, probably because of high atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and an ice-free Antarctica.

  7. Mars south pole

    A ‘lake’ on Mars may be surrounded by more pools of water

    Radar data hint at patches of liquid water beneath Martian polar ice, but some urge caution in interpreting results.

  8. air quality station in Gosan, South Korea

    A drop in CFC emissions puts the hole in the ozone layer back on track to closing

    After a recent bump in illicit CFC-11 pollution, emissions of the ozone-destroying chemical are back down to pre-2013 levels.

  9. German polar research station
    Health & Medicine

    Scientists’ brains shrank a bit after an extended stay in Antarctica

    The experience of an isolated, long-term mission at an Antarctic research station slightly shrunk a part of crew members’ brains, a small study finds.

  10. meteorite in Antarctica
    Planetary Science

    Meteorites might be more likely to strike near the equator

    Meteorites from Antarctica have helped scientists assess the total number likely to hit Earth every year — and where they are most likely to fall.

  11. picture of a ship in front of the Blackstone glacier

    Large-scale changes in Earth’s climate may originate in the Pacific

    A new study suggests that the melting of Alaska’s glaciers into the North Pacific could have far-ranging effects on ocean circulation and the climate.

  12. Readers ask about the size of the Milky Way, ancient rainforests and COVID-19