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  1. Paleontology

    This is the oldest fossil evidence of spider moms taking care of their young

    A spider trapped in amber 99 million years ago guarded her eggs and may have helped raise her young.

  2. Astronomy

    For the first time, astronomers saw dust in space being pushed by starlight

    Images collected over 16 years reveal that dust expelled from a well-known binary star system is hurried on its way by light from those stars.

  3. Animals

    Here are 7 incredible things we learned this year that animals can do

    From wielding weapons to walking on the underside of water, these are the creature capabilities that most impressed us in 2021.

  4. Looking back on science can refocus our attention

    Special projects editor Elizabeth Quill shares her thoughts on how the history of science can help us sharpen our focus on its future.

  5. Animals

    The Sonoran Desert toad can alter your mind — it’s not the only animal

    Their psychedelic and other potentially mind-bending compounds didn't evolve to give people a trip.

  6. These are the most popular Science News stories of 2022

    Science News drew over 13 million visitors to our website this year. Here’s a recap of the most-read news stories and long reads of 2022.

  7. Life

    European fire ant chemicals may send spiders scurrying away

    Black widows and some other common spider species avoid spaces where fire ants once roamed, suggesting the insects could inspire a spider repellent.

  8. Animals

    Ed Yong’s ‘An Immense World’ reveals how animals perceive the world

    The book showcases the diverse sensory abilities of other animals and how their view of the world is different from our own.

  9. Animals

    How a tiny spider uses silk to lift prey 50 times its own weight

    Dropping the right silk can haul mice, lizards and other giants up off the ground.

  10. Animals

    Mirror beetles’ shiny bodies may not act as camouflage after all

    Hundreds of handmade clay nubbins test the notion that a beetle’s metallic high gloss could confound predators. Birds pecked the lovely idea to death.

  11. Animals

    These spiders may sew leaves into fake shelters to lure frogs to their doom

    Madagascar’s huntsman spiders use silk to turn two leaves into a cool hollow. Such microhabitats may appeal to the spiders’ prey, a study suggests.

  12. The triumph and fallibility of science in a historic year

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses the last year in science, including lessons we've learned about COVID-19, human evolution and amazing animal feats.