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  • Feature

    Botany under the Mistletoe

    A holiday merrymaker loitering under the mistletoe may not be thinking much about parasitic plants. That's a loss, because the world's mistletologists are making wondrous findings about the more than 1,300 species they study.

    Some of the plants have flowers with trick openings. Some shoot their seeds farther than most watermelon spitters...

    11/22/2004 - 18:08 Plants
  • Feature

    Visions of Infinity

    Even the most brilliant innovators get their inspiration from somewhere.

    For the Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher, such a creative impetus came from a particular illustration in a 1957 mathematical article about symmetry. It gave him what he later described as "quite a shock" and...

    11/22/2004 - 17:38 Numbers
  • News

    Ink-jet dots form transistor spots

    If microcircuits could be printed with ink instead of being sculpted into silicon, electronic smarts could adorn almost everything. When electronically tagged, even grocery items could, without being scanned, transmit prices to cash registers.

    How about using ink-jet printers to do the job? Loaded with electrically active ink, printers can already make light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for...

    11/22/2004 - 17:12 Technology
  • News

    Researchers stretch for improved surfaces

    Chemical engineers have devised a simple way to create better polymer-based coatings for products ranging from surgical implants to ship hulls.

    The researchers have already used the method to make water-resistant coatings that last much longer than ones prepared by more conventional means.

    Materials designers often rely on chemistry to modify a surface. Using a...

    11/22/2004 - 17:09 Chemistry
  • News

    Proof clarifies a map-folding problem

    Anyone trying to refold an opened road map is wrestling with the same sort of challenges confronted by origami designers and sheet metal benders.

    The problem of returning a creased sheet to its neatly folded state gets tougher when you're not sure if the sheet can be folded into a flat packet and when you're not permitted to change the crease directions. Such conundrums arise, for...

    11/22/2004 - 17:04 Numbers