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    Most Earthlike planets yet seen bring Kepler closer to its holy grail

    They’re not quite Earth’s twins, but they might be its big sisters. Two planets slightly larger than Earth have been found by NASA’s Kepler space telescope. The planets circle their star at a distance seemingly just right for life. Detailed in research published April 18 in Science, the two planets are likely the first of many that, at least from a distance, look a whole lot like home.

    04/18/2013 - 14:01 Astronomy, Planetary Science
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    Distant planets’ atmospheres revealed

    Alien worlds have become a little less alien. Astronomers have gotten the most detailed look yet at the atmosphere of a planet outside the solar system.

    The study is among the first to directly analyze the chemical makeup of an exoplanet. In the past, astronomers inferred the existence of exoplanets and their gases by looking for subtle changes in the light...

    03/14/2013 - 14:01 Planetary Science