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    Online Victims: Internet behaviors make targets of some kids

    About one in five youngsters reports encountering at least one instance of unwanted sexual solicitation or harassment online in the past year, a national telephone survey finds. Internet-safety programs that typically urge children to avoid posting personal information online ignore other behaviors that the new results suggest lead to such victimization.

    Sharing one's name, contact...

    02/07/2007 - 11:59
  • Feature

    Digital Fingerprints

    Early during World War II, British intelligence officers eavesdropped on German radio transmissions, but because the messages were in an encrypted version of Morse code, the British couldn't understand the content. The dots and dashes came in distinctive rhythms, and the Allied spies quickly learned to recognize each Morse code operator's particular style, which the listeners called the...

    01/09/2007 - 11:17 Computing
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    Lock-on-a-Chip May Close Hackers Out

    11/14/1998 - 00:00