March 30, 2002 | Science News



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    Rocks in Earth's mantle could hold five oceans

    Analysis of minerals created in the laboratory under conditions that simulate those deep within the planet suggests that the zone of rocks just outside Earth's core could hold enough water to fill the oceans five times.
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    Zooplankton diet of mercury varies

    By modeling a lake ecosystem in large tubs of water, researchers have found that zooplankton—an important link in the food chain—consume much less toxic methylmercury when the lake experiences an algal bloom.
  • Feature

    Lemonade from Broken Amber

    The fossilized microbes found inside termites that have been encased in amber for 20 million years are remarkably similar to those found within the ancient insects' modern cousins.
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    Taming High-Tech Particles

    Researchers are beginning to study whether nanomaterials could have unintended negative consequences in the human body or the environment.