1. Climate

    Glacier melts are erasing climate record

    Featured blog: As glaciers continue to dry up, so does any hope of gleaning information from them about the past climate record.

  2. Life

    Climate warms, creatures head for the hills

    Unusual data let scientists test predictions that global warming drives species up slopes.

  3. Chemistry

    Fluorescent bulbs offer mercury advantage

    Featured blog: Switching to light bulbs that contain mercury might, surprisingly, reduce overall mercury releases to the environment. Plus, what to do when you break your fluorescent bulb.

  4. Climate

    (Political) party animals

    Featured blog: When it comes to attitudes about climate change, the chasm between Democrats and Republicans is wide. Political-polling analysts speculate that a McCain win in November might do more than an Obama victory to win over the minds of climate-change skeptics.

  5. Climate

    Energy: Apollo-like Program Needed

    Big action and big bucks are needed to deal with the United States' energy problems, research leaders argued today.

  6. Climate

    Heat waves stunt grassland growth

    An abnormally hot year can significantly suppress growth in grasslands, a stifling effect that lingers well into the next year even if temperatures return to normal. It can also hinder how well the grasslands absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

  7. Astronomy

    McCain Is Bullish on R&D

    Featured blog: John McCain weighs in on science and technology issues with long-awaited written responses to the Science Debate 2008.

  8. Ecosystems

    Coastal dead zones expanding

    The number of coastal areas known as dead zones is on the rise. A new tally reports more than 400 of the oxygen starved regions worldwide.

  9. Climate

    Forecast: Gullywashers

    Climate simulations are underestimating how often intense rainstorms occur at warm temperatures, a hint that episodes of extremely strong precipitation and flooding will strike more often as the global average temperature rises.

  10. Climate

    A Fairy Tale: Cheap Gas

    Lawmakers are looking for an answer on how to lower the price of gasoline: That's the wrong question.

  11. Climate

    IPCC Lite

    A new primer on climate change is slim and trim.

  12. Climate

    Trade affects China’s carbon footprint

    Featured blog: Goods exported from China to the United States and elsewhere account for a huge share of the Asian behemoth's emissions of greenhouse gases.