1. Earth

    More Frog Trouble: Herbicides may emasculate wild males

    New studies of male frogs in the wild link trace exposures to common weed killers with partial sex reversal.

  2. Earth

    Timely Climate

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  3. Agriculture

    Downtown Fisheries?

    Advances may make fish farming a healthy prospect, even for inner cities.

  4. Earth

    U.S. smog limit permits subtle lung damage

    Ambient concentrations of smog ozone in many regions can cause lungs to leak, potentially compromising the health of even robust people.

  5. Earth

    Air-Pollution Pileup: Mediterranean endures emissions from afar

    Although most Mediterranean countries aren't big polluters, the area is a crossroads for pollution-carrying air currents from Europe, Asia, and North America.

  6. Earth

    Snowball Melting? Ancient formation shows glacier activity

    An ancient, well-preserved glacial formation in Oman provided evidence that Earth experienced intermittent ice ages like those in Earth's more recent history.

  7. Earth

    Contraceptive-Patch Worry: Disposal concern focuses on wildlife

    Some scientists now worry that discarded contraceptive patches may leak synthetic estrogen into the environment, potentially harming wildlife.

  8. Earth

    Haze clears on sooty climate conditions

    The results of a new study suggest that soot plays a bigger role in regional climate changes than scientists had previously realized.

  9. Earth

    Shifting Sands

    Sand dunes can provide scientists with clues about ancient patterns of wind and precipitation.

  10. Earth

    Global warming is marmot wake-up call

    Marmots are coming out of hibernation earlier, while chipmunks and ground squirrels sleep longer-effects that could be attributed to global warming.

  11. Earth

    Lawn Agent Cues Embryo Shortfall: Herbicide weeds out mice in the womb

    Minuscule amounts of over-the-counter weed killers impair reproduction in mice.

  12. Earth

    Clipping the Fin Trade

    New research and policy developments aim to curb the wasteful and gruesome practice of killing sharks solely for their fins.