1. Microbes

    Gut bacteria respect diets, not borders

    Malawian and Guahibo gut microbiomes resembled those of herbivorous mammals, while American guts were more similar to carnivores’.

  2. Microbes

    Microscopic menagerie

    The microbes dwelling in and on multicellular organisms should be viewed as evolutionarily inseparable from their hosts, some biologists argue.

  3. Humans

    Mother lode

    Certain sugar molecules in human breast milk do more to foster beneficial microbes, and banish harmful ones, than they do to nourish newborns.

  4. Microbes

    The vast virome

    When it comes to the microbiome, bacteria get all the press. But virologists are starting to realize that their subjects also do a lot more than make people sick.

  5. Microbes

    MRSA strain swiped skin bacteria genes to survive

    A common strain of the dangerous microbe may be a wolf in sheep's clothing.

  6. Microbes

    A newfound respect for the microbial world

    Despite what many people think about humans’ place in the scheme of things, scientists are finding more evidence that we live in a world of microbes.

  7. Microbes

    Virus-thwarting mosquitoes decline on Vietnamese island

    Scientists plan to release second generation of mosquitoes that stop the spread of dengue fever.

  8. Microbes

    Bacteria turn threatening in tests with immune cells

    In less than 30 days, nonthreatening E. coli can transform into dangerous microbes in mice.

  9. Life

    Compounds defeat malaria at every step

    Experimental drugs are first to kill all stages of the parasite’s infection cycle.

  10. Agriculture

    Probiotics may protect piglets from E. coli infection

    Beneficial bacteria could replace antibiotics in pig feed.

  11. Ecosystems

    Virus-blocking insects taking over Vietnamese island

    Field trial tests mosquitoes that may stop the spread of dengue infection.

  12. Microbes

    Surprising metals found in microbes

    Scientists discover the first case of an organism needing a rare earth element for survival.