1. Materials Science

    Flattery for Faience

    By replicating ancient materials with their own hands, researchers are gaining new insights into details of Egyptian faience manufacture that have been lost for thousands of years.

  2. Physics

    Electrons grab unexpected energy share

    When atoms or molecules react with a metal surface, even briefly, they can inject much more energy into surface electrons than previously realized.

  3. Physics

    Liquid computer takes key quantum step

    The first, rudimentary implementation of a method, called Shor's algorithm, for using quantum mechanics in computations suggests that larger-scale implementations are possible and may eventually break the codes used today to protect secret messages on the Internet and elsewhere.

  4. Physics

    Organized Disorder

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  5. Materials Science

    Getting Out the Thorn

    Researchers are developing new ways to improve the compatibility of implantable biomaterials in the body.

  6. Materials Science

    Can ancient stone avoid salt attacks?

    Researchers have found that a polymer coating can protect stone from damage caused by growing crystals.

  7. Materials Science

    Carbon nanotubes turn on water flow

    Computer simulations show that water molecules will quicklye nter and flow along a carbon nanotube just 8 nanometers in diameter.

  8. Materials Science

    Bonds make a sacrifice for tough bones

    Researchers report that easily broken bonds in collagen may help prevent bones from easily fracturing.

  9. Materials Science

    Synthetic molecules mimic bone growth

    Researchers have created molecules that assemble into a microscopic structure that mimics bone.

  10. Physics

    Shortest transistor makes its debut

    A novel type of single-molecule transistor built around a one-molecule-thick layer of organic molecules may eventually lead to faster, denser chips because the channel through which electrons flow is so short.

  11. Physics

    Neutrino shortage may signal new force

    The dearth of neutrinos from a precision experiment casts some doubt on the prevailing model of particle physics and may indicate that a previously unrecognized extra force exists.

  12. Physics

    Mishap halts work at Japanese neutrino lab

    A costly accident has indefinitely disabled Super-Kamiokande, a cutting-edge neutrino detector in Japan.