Quantum Physics

  1. Physics

    Quantum teleportation leaps forward

    Two teams report beaming information about particles over long distances, a step toward creating satellite quantum communication networks.

  2. Quantum Physics

    New system offers way to defeat decryption by quantum computers

  3. Quantum Physics

    Like fate of cat, quantum debate is still unresolved

    Entanglement is now one of the hottest research fields in physics. It is pursued not only for insights into the nature of reality, but also for developing new technologies.

  4. Quantum Physics

    Everyday Entanglement

    Physicists are taking quantum weirdness out of the lab.

  5. Quantum Physics

    Clash of the Quantum Titans

    After decades of debate, disputes over the mathematical rules governing reality remain unresolved.

  6. Quantum Physics

    Higgs and his particle prove elusive

    Peter Higgs and colleagues receive particle theory prize; scientists still hunting the proposed boson

  7. Quantum Physics

    Quantum information teleported between distant atoms

    A team is the first to transfer a qubit, which contains quantum information, from one atom to another, a feat that could aid quantum computing and secure communication.