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shadow of Opportunity rover on Mars

LOOKING BACK  The Opportunity rover, seen here taking a shadow selfie early in its mission, trekked more than 45 kilometers across the Martian surface in the last 15 years before finally giving up the ghost.

drinking water

PURE WATER  More than 2 billion people around the world lack safe drinking water. Now a new material offers an efficient and environmentally friendly way to purify water using only sunlight.


SWIM MEET  Sperm face many obstacles along the way to an egg, including narrow points in the female reproductive tract that help sort out the top swimmers.

two pigeons, each sitting in a cubbyhole

STRANGE BIRDS  Two pigeons can sit comfortably in two holes, but add a third bird and they’ll have to share. But three quantum particles can occupy two states without any having the same state, scientists have shown.

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