SN 10

  1. Jacky Austermann and William D'Andrea on the Bahamas' Crooked Island

    Jacky Austermann looks to the solid earth for clues to sea level rise

    Jacky Austermann’s work could help inform practical climate change solutions for at-risk coastal cities.

  2. photo of Carlos Argüelles standing in a hallway
    Particle Physics

    Carlos Argüelles hunts for particles beyond the standard model

    Carlos Argüelles overcame hardship and discrimination to pursue a passion for physics.

  3. illustration of a female scientist working in a lab surrounded by calendar sheets with the names of different months
    Science & Society

    How our SN 10 scientists have responded to tumultuous times

    COVID-19, social justice movements and the realities of climate change have given our Scientists to Watch new perspective.

  4. Abstract illustration with a "10" at the center, surrounded by illustrations of a microscope, telescope and other sciencey instruments
    Science & Society

    This year’s SN 10 scientists aim to solve some of science’s biggest challenges

    Our SN 10: Scientists to Watch for 2020 include researchers tackling wildfire smoke, teen suicide and earthquake monitoring.

  5. Brett McGuire

    Brett McGuire searches space for the chemistry of life

    The complex molecules Brett McGuire has discovered in interstellar space may point to the origins of carbon-based life.

  6. Andrea Young

    Andrea Young uncovers the strange physics of 2-D materials

    Physicist Andrea Young has set his sights on the strange ways electrons behave in flat, layered structures.

  7. Seth Shipman
    Health & Medicine

    Seth Shipman recorded a movie in DNA — and that’s just the beginning

    Seth Shipman is developing tools that may reveal hidden biological processes.

  8. Abigail Swann

    Abigail Swann’s alternate Earths show how plants shape climate

    Abigail Swann's studies reveal that water vapor from forests can affect drought patterns a hemisphere away.

  9. Maryam Shanechi

    Maryam Shanechi designs machines to read minds

    Maryam Shanechi creates computer programs that link brain and machine to one day help patients with paralysis or psychiatric disorders.

  10. Michelle O’Malley

    Michelle O’Malley seeks greener chemistry through elusive fungi

    Michelle O’Malley studies anaerobic gut fungi, microbes that could help make chemicals and fuels from sustainable sources.

  11. Stanley Qi

    Stanley Qi gives CRISPR a makeover to redefine genetic engineering

    By adapting CRISPR/Cas9, Stanley Qi has given genetic engineers a plethora of new tools.

  12. Parag Pathak
    Science & Society

    Parag Pathak uses data and algorithms to make public education fairer

    Economist Parag Pathak has overhauled school choice systems across the United States. Now he’s assessing what makes for a good education.