Pratik Pawar

Pratik Pawar is a science journalist based in Bangalore, India. He is the recipient of a 2020 EurekAlert! Fellowship for International Science Reporters.

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  1. barn owls

    Barn owlets share food with their younger siblings in exchange for grooming

    Scientists weren’t sure why elder barn owlets would give away meals to their younger kin, a rare example of sibling cooperation in birds.

  2. Male pug-nosed tree frog

    Pug-nosed tree frogs use an auditory trick to evade predators and woo mates

    A new study finds that some tree frogs exploit what’s known as the precedence effect to get females attention safely.

  3. Podarcis muralis

    A new lizard parasite is the first known to move from mom to baby

    Nematodes were found living in a lizard’s ovaries and the braincase of her embryos — the first evidence of a reptile parasite that jumps generations.