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Aneil Agrawal unites math and mess

Theory and experiments offer data on some of the big problems in biology

11:08am, September 21, 2016
Aneil Agrawal

At first, evolutionary geneticist Aneil Agrawal had imagined his grown-up life out in the field “living in a David Attenborough show.” But he soon discovered he was a lab animal.

Aneil Agrawal, 41
Evolutionary geneticist
University of Toronto

Aneil Agrawal, his rangy frame at ease on a black metal street bench, is staring into some midair memory and speaking about disgust.

“I was first exposed to the idea of theoretical biology as an undergraduate and I actually hated it,” he says. “I loved biology and I liked math — it was like two different food types that you like but the two

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