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Say What?

Earth has a tiny tagalong, and no, it’s not a moon

Quasisatellite orbits sun, but stays close to Earth

8:00am, June 24, 2016
illustration of orbit of asteroid 2016 HO3

THAT’S NO MOON The orbit of asteroid 2016 HO3 (yellow), discovered April 27, keeps it close to Earth; from our vantage point, it appears as though 2016 HO3 orbits Earth when it actually orbits the sun.

\KWAH-zee-SAT-ah-lite\ n.

A body that orbits the sun and appears to orbit Earth.

Asteroid 2016 HO3 appears to orbit Earth, but that’s just an illusion. As the space rock loops around the sun, it plays leapfrog with our planet, sometimes speeding ahead sometimes falling behind. The asteroid’s suncentric orbit keeps it from qualifying as a full-fledged moon of Earth, but its constant proximity to us is enough to make it the only known “quasisatellite” of our world.

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