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  1. hydrogen squeezing experiment

    Experiment offers glimpse at how to make hydrogen metallic

    A new phase of hydrogen could represent the stepping stone for transforming element 1 into a metal.

  2. penguin

    Aircraft industry could take tips from penguins

    Tiny grooves and an oily sheath prevent water droplets from freezing on the feathers of some penguins.

  3. dinosaurs
    Particle Physics

    Dark matter helped destroy the dinosaurs, physicist posits

    In ‘Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs,’ Lisa Randall finds connections between particle physics, cosmology, geology and paleontology.

  4. Chemistry

    Four elements earn permanent seats on the periodic table

    The four newest elements on the periodic table gain official recognition and will be getting new names soon.

  5. illustration of Mars InSight lander
    Planetary Science

    Equipment failure delays Mars mission

    A leaky instrument will push back launch of the Mars InSight lander by at least two years.

  6. illustration of Mars InSight lander

    Equipment failure pushes back Mars lander mission

    The launch of the Mars InSight lander is suspended until at least 2018 because of a faulty seismometer.

  7. Quasar

    New recipe found for making supermassive black hole

    The universe’s first supermassive black holes may have formed directly from gas in colliding galaxies, new simulations suggest.

  8. Physics

    Pulsar pair ripples spacetime

    A pair of pulsars gives scientists the best evidence so far for gravitational waves, which have yet to be detected directly.

  9. black hole H1743-322

    General relativity caught in action around black hole

    X-rays enable scientists to spot a black hole twisting the surrounding fabric of spacetime, just as Einstein’s theory predicts.

  10. Scientists on dunes

    Uncovering the science of sand dune ‘booms’

    Mechanical engineer and geophysicist Nathalie Vriend explores noises in the desert that are triggered by sand sliding down dunes.

  11. LHC diagram
    Particle Physics

    LHC restart provides tantalizing hints of a possible new particle

    The first comprehensive analyses of the recently restarted Large Hadron Collider yields no clear-cut discoveries but at least one intriguing hint of a new particle.

  12. entanglement experiment
    Quantum Physics

    Year in review: Quantum spookiness is real

    A new version of an experiment proposed in 1964 confirmed a counterintuitive tenet of quantum mechanics.