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  1. Plants

    Salty sweat helps one desert plant stay hydrated

    The Athel tamarisk excretes excess salt through its leaves. The buildup of salt crystals pulls water directly from the air, a study reports.

  2. Animals

    An Arctic hare traveled at least 388 kilometers in a record-breaking journey

    An Arctic hare’s dash across northern Canada, the longest seen among hares and their relatives, is changing how scientists think about tundra ecology.

  3. Climate

    How a warming climate may make winter tornadoes stronger

    A climate simulation suggests that higher winter temperatures could make twisters more powerful.

  4. Climate

    Wildfire smoke may ramp up toxic ozone production in cities

    A new study reveals how wildfire smoke produces toxic ozone and how urban air pollution could exacerbate the problem.

  5. Chemistry

    Here’s the chemistry behind marijuana’s skunky scent

    Newly ID’d sulfur compounds in cannabis flowers give the plant its telltale odor. One, prenylthiol, is what also gives “skunked beer” its funky flavor.