Gabriel Popkin

Winter 2013-14 science writing intern

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  1. Astronomy

    Year in Review: Visitor from the Oort cloud

    A visitor from the outer solar system flies past the sun.

  2. Cosmology

    Year in Review: Dark energy gets more confusing

    New data raise the prospect of a ‘Big Rip’ destroying the cosmos.

  3. Environment

    Protein fibers trap greenhouse gas

    The method could scrub exhaust from cars and power plants.

  4. Environment

    Stillbirth rates tied to lead in drinking water

    Fetal death rates rose in Washington, D.C., in parallel with two recent spikes in drinking water’s lead levels.

  5. Astronomy

    Sun’s rotation driven by enormous plasma flows

    Long-lasting plasma flows 15 times the diameter of Earth transport heat from the sun’s depths to its surface, helping explain solar rotation.

  6. Astronomy

    ISON appears to have broken up after brush with sun

    Comet ISON has disintegrated in the sun’s intense heat and gravity, according to a growing consensus among astronomers.

  7. Earth

    Earth’s plate boundaries may nurture diamond formation

    An experiment mimicking conditions deep in the Earth suggests that some tectonic plate boundaries may make ideal diamond nurseries.

  8. Astronomy

    ISON seems to have survived close call with sun

    Comet ISON seems to have emerged from its brush with the sun diminished but intact, according to the latest reports.

  9. Astronomy

    Comet ISON approaches sun for Thanksgiving flyby

    On Thanksgiving, Comet ISON will pass near the sun and may disintegrate.

  10. Planetary Science

    Jupiter’s Great Red Spot explained

    A computer simulation is the first to explain how Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has survived for the nearly 200 years humans have observed it.

  11. Climate

    Methane emissions may be far higher than estimated

    U.S. fossil fuel and cattle industries may emit far more methane than government estimates indicate.

  12. Physics

    Ripple effect

    If you want ripples in your icicles, just add salt. This recipe comes from physicists reporting in the October New Journal of Physics.