Gabriel Popkin

Winter 2013-14 science writing intern

All Stories by Gabriel Popkin

  1. Materials Science

    Invisibility cloaks could slim down with active approach

    The new light-canceling technique could hide objects of any shape and size.

  2. Quantum Physics

    Quantum information storage that lasts and lasts

    Physicists have stored a snippet of quantum information at room temperature for more than 1,000 times the previous record.

  3. Microbes

    Surprising metals found in microbes

    Scientists discover the first case of an organism needing a rare earth element for survival.

  4. Climate

    Storms are becoming more intense, moving toward poles

    Researchers find that altered rainfall patterns have the fingerprints of human-caused climate change.

  5. Climate

    Historical events linked to changes in Earth’s temperature

    Ozone treaty, wars and Great Depression influenced global warming rate, scientists find.

  6. Climate

    Natural aerosols confound climate predictions

    Natural aerosol emissions complicate scientists’ attempts to predict future climate change.

  7. Cosmology

    Dark energy search gets murkier

    Supernova measurements muddle scientists’ efforts to explain universe’s accelerating expansion.

  8. Astronomy

    An Earth-sized hell circles faraway star

    Kepler-78b, an Earth-sized, extremely hot exoplanet made of rock and iron, is the smallest with known diameter and mass.

  9. Physics

    Material looks cool while heating up

    Substance that tricks infrared camera could pave the way for new types of camouflage and heating technology.

  10. Astronomy

    Oort cloud tosses astronomers a cometary curveball

    In late November, ISON will deliver debris from the dawn of the solar system to Earth’s doorstep.

  11. Agriculture

    Fertilizer has staying power

    Nitrogen-based fertilizer may remain in the soil for eight decades, complicating efforts to reduce pollution from runoff into rivers.

  12. Physics

    New limit placed on physics constant

    An analysis of how much the fine structure constant varies with the density of matter may help scientists determine whether the parameter changes with time.