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Laurel Hamers was the general assignment reporter at Science News.

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  1. wildfire

    Wildfires are making extreme air pollution even worse in the northwest U.S.

    America’s air is getting cleaner — except in places that are prone to wildfires.

  2. gene-edited cancer cells
    Health & Medicine

    Cancer cells engineered with CRISPR slay their own kin

    Scientists can program the stealth cells to die before creating new tumors.

  3. pollution in Lahore, Pakistan
    Health & Medicine

    Air pollution is triggering diabetes in 3.2 million people each year

    A new study quantifies the link between smoggy air and diabetes.

  4. spider in "tiptoe stance"

    Soaring spiders may get cues from electric charges in the air

    Spiders can sense atmospheric electric fields, which might give them cues to take to the air.

  5. map of world’s rivers and streams

    Earth’s rivers cover 44 percent more land than we thought

    A global survey of rivers and streams based on satellite data suggests that these waterways traverse about 773,000 square kilometers.

  6. syringe

    A brain chemical tied to narcolepsy may play a role in opioid addiction

    Long-term use of opioids such as heroin is linked to having more brain cells that release a chemical that regulates wakefulness and arousal.

  7. car-t cell
    Health & Medicine

    How to make CAR-T cell therapies for cancer safer and more effective

    CAR-T cell therapy was approved by the FDA in late 2017. Now, scientists are working to tame the cancer treatment’s side effects.

  8. Antarctic iceberg

    Antarctica has lost about 3 trillion metric tons of ice since 1992

    Antarctica’s rate of ice loss has sped up since 1992 — mostly in the last five years, raising global sea level by almost 8 millimeters on average.

  9. oil spill

    Sunshine is making Deepwater Horizon oil stick around

    Sunlight created oxygen-rich oil by-products that are still hanging around eight years after the Deepwater Horizon spill.

  10. Health & Medicine

    ‘Outbreak’ puts the life cycle of an epidemic on display

    At the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, the exhibit “Outbreak” highlights how infectious diseases shape our world.

  11. truck driving on road

    Treating roads with oil and gas wastewater may spread harmful pollution

    When spread on roads, wastewater from oil and gas production can leach radium and other contaminants into the environment, a new study finds.

  12. Chixculub impact illustration

    The Chicxulub asteroid impact might have set off 100,000 years of global warming

    About 66 million years ago, the Chicxulub asteroid impact set off 100,000 years of global warming, an analysis of oxygen in fish fossils suggests.