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  1. Agriculture

    Birds fed a common pesticide lost weight rapidly and had migration delays

    Scientists have previously implicated neonicotinoid pesticides in declining bee populations. Now a study suggests that songbirds are affected, too.

  2. Animals

    These award-winning photographs capture rarely seen wildlife and landscapes

    Winners of the California Academy of Sciences’ annual photo contest dove deep underwater and hiked to great heights to create these striking images.

  3. Animals

    Endangered green sea turtles may be making a comeback in the U.S. Pacific

    The numbers of green sea turtles spotted around Hawaii, American Samoa and the Mariana Islands have increased in the last decade.

  4. Health & Medicine

    People with stress disorders like PTSD are at higher risk of heart disease

    Those coping with psychological trauma have a greater risk for cardiovascular disease, a large-scale study that goes beyond men and veterans finds.

  5. Climate

    As waters rise, coastal megacities like Mumbai face catastrophe

    For coastal megacities like Mumbai, rising seas and weather chaos linked with climate change threaten economic and social disaster.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Here’s what we know about the deadly Nipah virus

    The deadly and rare Nipah virus has killed at least 11 people in southern India, causing concern among epidemiologists.