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Meghan Rosen

Staff Writer, Biological Sciences

Meghan Rosen is a staff writer who reports on the life sciences for Science News. She earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology with an emphasis in biotechnology from the University of California, Davis, and later graduated from the science communication program at UC Santa Cruz. Prior to joining Science News in 2022, she was a media relations manager at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Her work has appeared in Wired, Science, and The Washington Post, among other outlets. Once for McSweeney’s, she wrote about her kids’ habit of handing her trash, a story that still makes her (and them) laugh.

All Stories by Meghan Rosen

  1. Health & Medicine

    Thinner isn’t always better in diabetes

    Normal-weight people who develop diabetes have higher mortality than people who are overweight or obese at the disease’s onset

  2. Anthropology

    Sticks, stones and bones reveal emergence of a hunter-gatherer culture

    A cave in southern Africa was occupied by people very much like those living in the region today.

  3. Math

    Test decodes dolphins’ math skills

    Dolphins could use mental math to locate prey in clouds of bubbles.

  4. Life

    Skinny searchers keep fat ants full

    By controlling movement out of an ant nest, researchers discover that ants weigh tubbiness in deciding who hunts for food.

  5. Space

    Moon patterns explained

    Electric fields enveloping magnetic bubbles may form mysterious lunar swirls.

  6. Life

    All dinosaurs may have had feathers

    Well-preserved fossil sports long, fine plumage and a bushy tail.

  7. Animals

    Dinosaur debate gets cooking

    A key piece of evidence for cold-blooded dinosaurs, growth lines in bones, has also been discovered in a set of warm-blooded animals.