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  1. Astronomy

    Cohabiting black holes challenge theory

    The observation of two stellar-mass objects in one globular cluster violates existing astrophysical dogma.

  2. Astronomy

    No companion in supernova debris

    Explosion probably resulted from two white dwarfs.

  3. Astronomy

    Curiosity goes to the flow

    Sent to Mars in search of water and other evidence of habitability, the rover appears to have landed in a dry streambed.

  4. Astronomy

    Team glimpses black hole’s secrets

    In the distant galaxy M87, new observations about structure’s rotational speed and jets show the potential of a budding telescope network.

  5. Planetary Science

    Planetary Peekaboo

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska — On a bright June evening, residents of Anchorage packed the theater in Cyrano’s Off-Center Playhouse, ready to sample some otherworldly dispatches. Kepler-22b, shown in the illustration above, is a recently confirmed exoplanet with an Earthlike orbit. NASA Ames, JPL-Caltech Kepler has found Earth-sized exoplanets (illustration of Kepler-20e, above) and planets with Earthlike […]

  6. Planetary Science

    Voyager chasing solar system’s edge

    On the 35th anniversary of the spacecraft’s launch, scientists ponder when it will move beyond the sun’s reach.

  7. Space

    Another potentially habitable world emerges

    The newfound planet orbits a common type of dwarf star, suggesting even more may be out there.

  8. Space

    Stars’ missing elements could signal lurking small planets

    The sun's chemistry suggests some good other places to hunt for rocky orbs.

  9. Space

    Highlights from the IAU Meeting

    A collection of reports from the 28th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, Beijing.

  10. Space

    Exoplanet pair orbits two stars

    The Kepler spacecraft catches two exoplanets around a binary star system, with one planet in the habitable zone.

  11. Astronomy

    Black hole’s annual feast begins

    Astronomers offer explanations for source of light around object with an unusual yearly behavior.

  12. Space

    Weird pulsars debut at Beijing astronomy meeting

    Newfound oddities challenge researchers’ imaginations.