Nadia Drake

Former science writing intern and astronomy writer

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  1. Lopped Off

  2. Space

    HiRISE clocks hurricane-speed winds on Mars

    Orbiting camera measures swirling gusts in dust devils.

  3. Space

    Saturn’s rings tell a comet’s tale

    Ripples made by a celestial impact 600 years ago can still be seen today.

  4. Astronomy

    A Shadowed Past

  5. Space

    Miniplanet sports megapeak

    The solar system’s second tallest mountain hides out in a crater at the south pole of the asteroid Vesta.

  6. Space

    Longer cosmic ruler based on black holes

    A new method promises to improve the precision of extreme astronomical distance measurements.

  7. Space

    Messenger from Mercury

    NASA orbiter returns images of odd landforms on the solar system's innermost planet.

  8. Planetary Science

    Fertile Frontiers

  9. Space

    On Kepler-16b, shadows come in pairs

    Astronomers discover a planet that orbits a pair of stars.

  10. Space

    Planet search finds lots of little guys

    The latest collection of extrasolar bodies to be revealed is rich in worlds not much bigger than Earth.

  11. Space

    Super-Earths may come in two flavors

    As more exoplanets are discovered, evidence emerges that worlds can be either fluffy or dense.

  12. Astronomy

    Star goes boom, telescopes zoom

    Astronomers have spotted a supernova in the Pinwheel Galaxy, the nearest such stellar explosion in decades.