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  1. Health & Medicine

    How India’s COVID-19 crisis became the worst in the world

    Scientists say a laxed attitude toward masking and social distancing plus the rise of new variants may have fueled India’s coronavirus surge.

  2. Animals

    Spider webs don’t rot easily and scientists may have figured out why

    Spider silk doesn’t rot quickly because bacteria can’t access its nitrogen, a nutrient needed for the microbes’ growth, scientists say.

  3. Life

    Piranhas and their plant-eating relatives, pacus, replace rows of teeth all at once

    Piranhas and pacus both lose and replace all teeth on one side of their mouths in one go, which may help to distribute wear and tear.

  4. Ecosystems

    Burrowing birds create pockets of rich plant life in a desert landscape

    Mounds of sand dug out by birds are hot spots for plants in Peru’s Atacama Desert, possibly providing a sheltered and moist area for seed germination.